Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Library

Being in a Public Library, surrounded by towers of books makes me humbled and elevated at the same time.

“Knowledge is sacred” my high school Physics teacher used to say. He was an Atheist, a model Humanist to the bone.

The Public Library is a quiet place, where we let our Reason to guide us in acquiring Knowledge.

Books after books, pages after pages, we find Knowledge is stacked, generously offered, reaching us from memories of our mortal ancestors who felt they needed to share what they knew.

Behind every book we browse, every page we turn, there had been hardship of some sort. Sleepless nights, Censorship, Inquisition, Torture, Vandalism, Wars, Fires.

Books made it before where we stand, despite odds and evil intentions, thanks to sacrifices made by their authors and protectors. This is why I feel so humbled every time I visit a library.

Humanity excels with Knowledge, in this sense and considering all aforementioned hardship behind it, yes, Knowledge is sacred and evolving.

We all have responsibility to nurture Knowledge and pass it on intact to future generations if we care about wellbeing of Humanity beyond our times.

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