Saturday, September 13, 2014

A video tells a billion words

They say a picture tells a thousand words. I say a video tells a billion words.

Jony Ivy, English designer and the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, introduced the new iWatch in another highly captivating video. Watching it, it is impossible not to fall for it.

It is evident that the iWatch video is crafted like no other advertisement video. It is mesmerising, seductive and futuristic.

No doubt like other advertisements the video fulfils its function to hide the inconvenient, such as, you still need to carry an iPhone in order to access the Internet. So iWatch is not really a truly stand alone wearable.

With IOS8, Apple now demands developers to include a product video in the App Store. This is a welcoming change from marketing perspective. Product videos are now widely used in start up companies’ home pages. They give app developers a unique opportunity to communicate how the app works and why it is different.

Apple also wants to raise the bar in the App Store business. There are now over a million apps in the App Store, majority of which are ordinary, amateur looking or low quality products with poorly communicated features. Creating a professional looking video is not an easy task. Perhaps with this move Apple is aiming to curb lone developers and favour professional teams formed by more serious start up ventures.

Times are changing. The lone developer is more lonesome than ever. It is no longer possible to avoid professional Marketing tools if app developers want to be heard. To make an impact you need a team.

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