Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Year

Why do we celebrate the New Year?

Is it simply our desire to close off something and open up another? Is it a desire for a new beginning, yet we know it is not going to be new? Why do we keep deluding ourselves with a hope we know as hollow as the trunk of a dying oak tree? Why is all this show? Is it the show must go on or is it there is nothing but a show? Or is it simply a long for continuum drives us in expense of an annoying triviality?


On reflection it has been an ordinary year made of extraordinary things. The world, with all of its absurdities, continued to exist. Every piece of news made us baffled, made us indifferent at the same time. Boredom arrived in a package of sanity, as we became immune to insanity. I wish you all a different year in 2015, I really do.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Human Condition

Human condition is what it means to be a human, our self awareness, our skepticism, our independence, our curiosity, our desire for gratification, above all our truthfulness.

Sometime in our evolutionary lineage, starting from babyhood, we learned deception, to camouflage our true intent, to gain advantage and increase our chance of survival without being detrimental to wellbeing of the clan. Our true self remains hidden under a thick veneer of lies, so much so that, today we only use the word “lie” to refer to inconvenient ones.

But the human condition has a darker side, a vulnerability, our limited ability to remain truthful to ourselves. Perhaps being untruthful to others has become such an integral part of survival, we became prone to apply it to ourselves, by that we did not realise what we lost was the very essence, the very meaning of human condition.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Office Horror

The office is where we hang our identity on a coat hanger when we get there, and wear it back when we leave.

Essentially we sell our self along with our work, in return for cash. The office is a small scale North Korea, where we are constantly reminded of values and behaviours of the corporate propaganda paying us.

Just about everybody, including party leaders play a game, day after day, a game that everybody spends every effort to pretend it is real.

In this play, often in subtle ways, we allow ourselves to be threatened, bullied and pacified, we allow emotional rape and pillage, we are dragged to say things we don’t believe, do things do not fit us.

We long for five o’clock to pick up and wear our identity back from the coat hanger, only to have a break for sixteen hours, delusional to the extent to believe that we are free at last, in this never-ending play.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Freedom of being ordinary

 I find two moral convictions problematic; we are special, and life has purpose. 

Challenging them, is a moral obligation and a liberating necessity, not only they are false, but they restrict our true freedom, freedom to criticize conventions, including the freedom of being ordinary and freedom of setting our lives to have no specific purpose.