Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Human Condition

Human condition is what it means to be a human, our self awareness, our skepticism, our independence, our curiosity, our desire for gratification, above all our truthfulness.

Sometime in our evolutionary lineage, starting from babyhood, we learned deception, to camouflage our true intent, to gain advantage and increase our chance of survival without being detrimental to wellbeing of the clan. Our true self remains hidden under a thick veneer of lies, so much so that, today we only use the word “lie” to refer to inconvenient ones.

But the human condition has a darker side, a vulnerability, our limited ability to remain truthful to ourselves. Perhaps being untruthful to others has become such an integral part of survival, we became prone to apply it to ourselves, by that we did not realise what we lost was the very essence, the very meaning of human condition.

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