Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Purpose

Finding Purpose in a purposeless Universe
(a frequently asked question to Atheists)

It is a beautiful thing, purposeless Universe. Looking at workings of my hand, rivers of blue veins on its surface, decorated by sun spots, fearlessly dancing on my laptop computer, and knowing there is no need to be any purpose whatsoever behind why I am here and why I am capable of constructing complex sequences of information using another machine.

I am here and I am capable as such, because I am a biological machine that its clockworks survived a mindless process called Evolution by Natural Selection, a process which has absolutely no intelligence, no purposeful rules whatsoever.

It is not just beautiful, it is startlingly beautiful, an insight only few of us can have.

Beautiful, because it is so simple.

All you require is to apply laws of Physics and conditions sufficient to construct things at any moment in time, say now. Extrapolate and test the same laws under different conditions back in time, supported by evidence such as fossils and strata, until you reach to a point where you find a single cell organism that could make copies of itself.

Not knowing how the first single cell organism came about does not prove there was a purpose then, as we know so little about the conditions that led to it. So rather than embracing an implausible exception to a theory that worked so well for so long, we can safely assume that there was a point in time when conditions were sufficient for the first single cell organism to come about using the same laws of Physics.

Purpose implies subjective intent, a human construct. There is not a single Physics law in this Universe that implies intent. It is pointless to search for a grand purpose beyond the realm of human intent. It is also pointless to talk about ordinary, personal purposes such as finishing university, or winning an Olympic medal, as clearly this is not meant by the original question.

Atheism is not an ideological stance, but rather a natural conclusion derived from humble recognition of a purposeless Universe.

There is nothing I feel obliged to explain the state of my thoughts ideologically. Atheism argument is not even strictly necessary, other than making it easier for Theists to begin their argumentation process, which I don’t mind aiding.

I am happy and content as I could fully focus on living my life, a fluke in the sea of destiny, devoid of any philosophical baggage let alone a grand purpose.