Saturday, September 27, 2014

New apps

App Store has millions apps. Great majority of them operates with deterministic algorithms.

Recently we have begun to see a new breed of apps, the ones that allegedly have Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning capabilities.

Why is this shift?

Actually we already have AI. The humble spam-filter your email server uses is one of the oldest and the most sophisticated AI machines humans invented. Imagine a person sitting in your mail-box, sorting genuine mails from subtle versions of Nigerian scam. This is not straight-forward right? So that’s what a new age spam-filter is, much more sophisticated than we presume.

Today a typical consumer is distracted by perils of techno-consumerism. Photos have to be synced between wife’s iPad, and hubby’s Mac Book, Messages have to be answered and cleaned up, emails need to be answered, notifications need to be OK’ed. Events need to be added to calendars, plumbing fix need to be added to the to-do list. Address books need to be synced. Batteries need to be monitored and devices need to be charged. The list goes on and on.

So there is a growing demand for smarter apps, as the clutter mountain we need to deal with grows, apps that would help cut some of our burdens.

What if a to-do list, learns your habits and adds items into your grocery list on your behalf? What if your messages are answered by your secretary app? Any app that saves you time will likely to be a winner.

Welcome AI consumerism. Destination stupidity.

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