Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Seek for compartments in design and in life.

Principles to adhere:

  •  Each compartment needs to be identifiable, movable, self contained, and elegantly handled.
  •  Attend, handle and enjoy each compartment in isolation.
  •  Avoid clutter, inter-dependencies and dominating compartments.
  •  Regularly visit, evaluate, re-order, downsize and clean up your compartments.
  •  Remove the compartments that create too much stress on you.
  • If the time allocated is up and it is obvious that you are not going to make it, reschedule and move to another compartment.

These principles apply to below and many other cases:

  •  Your best friend
  •  Your job 
  •  Furniture
  •  Your child's issues
  •  Management of your money
  •  Your garden
  •  Friends   
  •  Software, regardless of you design them or you use them
  •  Book reading
  •  Google+ surfing
  •  Broken things, accidents, health (car, refrigerator, plumbing, illness and so on)  
  •  etc.

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