Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Small business

Today I am in Darling Harbour for a conference. I usually arrive early to such occasions, find a place that sells hopefully good coffee, sit somewhere and enjoy my morning kick.

The idea is to avoid that dreadful filtered coffee served in luke warm containers outside the conference room. I have to have a proper cup of hot cappuccino to begin my day.

The shopping mall nearby is empty, there are cleaners, and few early starters but no morning rush yet. Inside the mall I had two choices, Gloria Jeans on the corner and that food stand in the middle with a sign “Bayside Gelato”.

I chose the gelato place and ordered my coffee to a man who looked like the owner, clearly a second generation Italian from Calabrese. A short, charming guy with pitch dark thick hair and larger than life big black eyes. We had a short friendly chat and I mentioned why I like supporting small businesses.

Global financial crisis and the effect of globalization had tough effect on everyone. If there is one way you wonder you may play a positive role in your community, consider supporting small businesses. Just avoid chain brands and buy your coffee or lunch from that guy around the corner.

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