Saturday, April 14, 2012

Elected Vandals


This is NSW Museum of Contemporary Art, photo shot in 2007. Beautiful Art Deco heritage. Established through a bequest by Australian expatriate artist John Power (1881-1943),

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This is NSW Museum of Contemporary Art, in 2012. Beautiful Art Deco heritage. Little bit dirty on the top side, but money could have been spent for clean up and restoration. Instead the building was screwed up by the Mayor of Sydney, and the local NSW Government. Horrible looking whitewash roofs were added with blue windows. A new "modern" museum building in chalk colour was glued on the right. I guess those Neanderthals in their walnut sized brains may be thinking these are supposedly low profile extensions. Well they are not. They are eye sores. These idiots raped the historical skyline and ignorant people elected them to do so. Murderers of beauty. Vandals.

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