Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Corruption of Theism

"I may venture to affirm, that few corruptions of idolatry and polytheism are more pernicious to society than this corruption of theism, when carried to the utmost height. The human sacrifices of the Carthaginians, Mexicans, and many barbarous nations, scarcely exceeded the inquisition and persecutions of Rome and Madrid. For besides, that the effusion of blood may not be so great in the former case as in the latter; besides this, I say, the human victims, being chosen by the lot, or by some exterior signs, affect not, in so considerable a degree, the rest of the society. Whereas virtue, knowledge, love of liberty, are the qualities, which call down the fatal vengeance of inquisitors; and when expelled, leave the society in the most shameful ignorance, corruption, and bondage. The illegal murder of one man by a tyrant is more pernicious than the death of a thousand by the pestilence, famine, or any undistinguishing calamity."
David Hume - from Works of David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature and other works

Meet the father of scepticism and British Empiricism, David Hume. 

We owe our liberty to intellectuals like him, they had guts to question corrupt morals of religion in an era religion reigned the world despite grave dangers of being prosecuted in doing so. David Hume has been colossal in his influence on Enlightenment.

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