Saturday, March 3, 2012

Faith vs Religion

Let me be clear, this is not about faith.

Forget about me being an Atheist I am concerned as a human being.

The distinction needs to be made between personal belief and organized religion.

First of all I see organized religions as fear mongering mobs that brought misery to human lives and setback to Reason throughout history.

Humans can live better lives, they can have peace with others without artificial segregation created by religions, they can focus better on world problems like climate change, they can put their energy into useful work, they will be better off without religions.

Again I am not saying they should leave their faith, it is up to them to believe or not to believe anything I am not going to mock them. I don’t feel superior to them because I don’t share their beliefs. I have no problem with personal beliefs and with people who are peaceful and keep it personal.

But I won’t keep quiet when the matter is Religions because I see organized religions as threat to Reason. Reason makes us human; we are born with Reason not with Religion. Religion is the enemy of Reason.

Therefore as a human being I feel that it is my responsibility to speak out, ridicule and weaken religious sentiments whenever and wherever I can.

We suffered so much and too long for this. It is time to change and put Reason back into our lives.

It is time to pay tribute to our first ancestor who made fire useful, not the one who feared from the lightning and transformed that fear into a religion.

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