Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour Ritual

This weekend millions of people will participate Earth Hour. We will pretend to be environmentalists for an hour. After the hour we will take a deep sigh, switch on our PCs and while we login we will pat on our shoulder and say ”good on me”.

 This makes me think that the event is similar to religious rituals like fasting during Ramadan. For a month every year millions of Muslims around the world go through fasting during the day. When the evening comes they eat like dogs until they suffocate, four hours after midnight they eat again so that they would delay their suffering from hunger. After the event they feel good as they think their submission reserved a business class seat to heaven.

 Likewise most people participating the Earth Hour would think they did their thing and that’s what it should matter. They would anticipate that the climate should return to normal, if it didn’t, well it’s not their fault.

Rituals are great way to escape from reality, and burry our heads into sand. A reality that is far more demanding and brutally honest. A reality that we cannot really escape by mere political correctness; climate change.

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