Sunday, March 14, 2010

Testing Bullshit Generator

I found this bullshit generator and put it immediately into a test:

I came up with the following narrative in 2 minutes (quoted sections are products of the generator.)

Let me introduce you to Jack. Jack is responsible for our 'integrated e-business transition'. To help him we need to 'extend e-business mindshare'. However our success will depend on our ability to 'seize efficient e-tailers'.We also need to 'implement robust infrastructures' along the way. This will help us 'transform transparent markets'.

Jack will also deploy 'back-end convergence' and 'optimize bricks-and-clicks initiatives'. With this our organisation will 'seize strategic e-services' and 'unleash frictionless mindshare'.

Please welcome Jack (Ass) who will 'monetize our visionary web-readiness'.


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