Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My nephew Aksel Çoruh, who works as an architect in Rotterdam recently mentioned me;
" a book by Dutch urban planner Adrian Geuze (West 8 Landscape Architects), in which he writes about the notion of the ' void' as a sea of potential in spatial planning strategies. His designs and interventions in the city are known to take the viewpoint of trying to elicit public interaction with spaces, and form beds of potential where people, dwellers, and visitors alike become momentary participants in an urban (mini-) drama."
Then Aksel kindly provided their web site:

West8 designed a dramatic urban deck that they call WaveDeck. This is interesting because a wave shaped deck automatically creates a wave shaped space as well. One fills the other one and vice versa. Neither side of the wave is more important than the other side.

Waves possess spatial and reassuring harmony and continuity. So I would imagine people observing, standing or walking on the WaveDeck must be experiencing a certain sense of visual music. Music is by definition harmonic combinations of sound waves. There is no real reason why music can not be played visually. WaveDeck I guess works around this principle.

What about Edvard Munch's The Scream. In this painting we can't help but see the sound of scream:

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