Sunday, June 21, 2009

Negative Matter

Years back I attended a drawing course. One day we were painting still life. There was a vase and a green bottle on a table top, in the corner of our class. Our instructor told something about seeing and drawing negative spaces, and he added that Degas drew and painted like that.

I listened to him and tried to focus on what "we are not supposed to see", the shape of the space between the wall and the vase, and the green bottle, and shapes of the shades reflected and competing with each other on the bottle and so forth. In the end what I ended up with was amazingly truthful, powerful and beautiful despite its simplicity.

There is something about seeing the "negative matter", the stuff that is seemingly uninteresting but without it we are unable to make connections and "make sense" of our "positive universe".

We are almost brainwashed to think positively. Whereas I feel like there is an ultimate sense of truthfulness and accompanying beauty about negativity .

In this blog I shall be pursuing the negative matter. I'll talk about engineering, philosophy, physics, software, marketing, evolution, design, consciousness, politics etc. At times I will attempt to see negative forgotten spaces in order to make sense of positive matter and other times to reshape it.

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