Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sofa

It grabbed my attention, there is a market out there for hyper-comfort. People are buying stuff for comfort without paying attention to how much of it they need.

Take sofa designs for instance. Some of our friends decorating a new home bought mega size sofas in recent years. The trend in furniture design has been towards bigger, larger designs with upholstery and cushions getting softer and deeper.

After dinner when people move to living room with drinks in hand and mood to talk, suddenly they find themselves legs elevated bottoms buried deep into a sofa designed to devour you.

In such a hyper-comforted environment, forget talking, within a minute my brain starts to malfunction. After two minutes even making sense of ordinary conversations turns into a torture. Your interest in joining a discussion about climate change or string theory is reduced to a level of woman shoes conversation (no pun intended). After three minutes I have trouble keeping my head straight.

There is essentially no difference between sugar-infested self-indulgence food and a hyper-comfortable sofa. They are bad for you.

I should remind you that we are still animals and what drives us is not too much comfort but primal desires to push our comfort zones.

So do yourself and your friends a favour. If you want to have a decent conversation with your friends, consider buying a semi-firm, normal size, good-old fashioned sofa, designed to sit, as opposed to put you into a coma.

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