Friday, March 18, 2011

Films - Kamal

Our hero Kamal emerges from the woods almost on the verge of collapsing while spinning in enthusiasm. He is holding a small piece of paper, supposidly a letter from his sweetheart.

The spin action continues on the banks of a small garden, around a pole (hence we now know Indians must be familiar with pole dancing), then back on the grass.

Unexpectedly Kamal decides to jump off from the garden bank on to a pathway and this is when things get weirder.

Kamal takes us with surprise when he suddenly leans back in an attempt to roll back on to the garden. Certainly there is no shortage of athletic moves in this film.

In the next move in what I call the most bizarre dancing scene in the history of World cinema Kamal shows us how not to roll on the grass.

The camera pictures him in horizontal position and for some reason rolling continues despite him worrying audience that he might in fact injure himself.

I tend to think perhaps he is desperately trying to communicate his excitement due to the letter he received. We would never know.

I also urge you to wait until you watch wrestling scenes of Kamal with his sweetheart.

Regrettably we have a small surviving segment from this masterpiece.

This movie is one of the best in its class. When it comes to action and entertainment Kamal delivers.

Ten out of ten.

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